Aaron from http://htlympremium.com/ speaks with singer/songwriter Kelly Pardekooper about his music career, how he stumbled into licensing and landed placements on shows like Sons Of Anarchy and True Blood, films such as Vengeance starring Nicolas Cage and many more.   

Aaron from http://howtolicenseyourmusic.com/ speaks with John Delvento about his success as a TV and Film composer writing music for libraries.  

Aaron from http://htlympremium.com/ speaks with Producer/Artist Spencer Davidson about how he's been able to generate over 16 million Spotify streams for one of his projects, by connecting and partnering with social media influencers. Learn more about Spencer's music here:  https://www.azlanaudio.com/


Aaron from https://www.htlympremium.com/ speaks with Christoffer Hylander, aka Killigrew, about how he's been able to generate over 20 million Spotify streams and has been generating a full time income from Spotify for the last four years.

In the latest episode of Music, Money And Life, Aaron from http://www.howtolicenseyourmusic.com/ speaks with Deborah Mannis-Gardner, the owner and President of DMG Clearances, INC.  Learn everything you need to know about music clearance in this episode.

Aaron from http://www.howtolicenseyourmusic.com/ speaks with composer and producer, Anthony Clint JR.  Anthony is a composer, producer and beatmaker who has had a lot of success recently in the licensing space.  He's had his music on TBS, Oxgen, NCAA, Bravo, Bad Girls, True TV and much more.

In the latest episode of Music, Money And Life, Aaron from http://howtolicenseyourmusic.com/ speaks with TV Composer Eddie Grey about the path to success in music licensing, how to build up contacts, how to sell your licensing catalog, how to get started and much more.

Aaron speaks with the CEO of DeWolfe Music USA, Joel Feinberg.  Joel discusses some of the key areas most musicians seem to get wrong when it comes to licensing music, the nature of production and library music and much more.

For more information on How To License Your Music Premium, visit http://www.htlympremium.com/

For more information about DeWolfe Music, visit http://dewolfemusic.com/

In this episode of Music, Money And Life, Aaron speaks with Chuck Hughes from the Hillbilly Hellcats.  Chuck has had enormous success in licensing over the last 7 years and has racked up over 3,500 different placements.  He's also crushing it on Spotify with over 2 million streams and 14,000 follwers.  At 66, Chuck shows no signs of slowing down and maintains an active touring schedule, in addition to his success in licensing and streaming.  Find out how he does it in this podcast!

What do John Cougar Mellencamp, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, The Rolling Stones, Lady Ga Ga, Bruno Mars, Sting, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Dave Grohl, Elton John, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler, The Smashing Pumpkins, Meatloaf, B.B. King, Rod Stewart and John Fogerty have in common? All of these rock and roll superstars have performed with Kenny Aronoff as their drummer, keeping the beat in the studio or on the road. In this episode, Aaron speaks with world renowned drummer Kenny Aronoff.

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